My Series

Shades of Sin

The Shades of Sin series explores the difficulties of non-traditional love in Pre-Regency England.

The first story, A Matter of Manners, follows a sadistic Duke and the Irish rebel who frees him to be himself.

In the second, Angel with an Agenda, we’ll see how London reacts to a woman who can’t decide between an Irish spy and the black lover who sees no reason why she should choose.

Warning! The Shades of Sin series contains explicit sexual content and may offend some readers.

Tartan Threads

Three Scottish Highlanders fight for love in the mid-seventeenth century in the Tartan Threads series.

In MacIan’s Gift, we see the power of belief when a ghost aids an abused English heiress and a bard who can’t forget his past failures.

In Malcolm’s Rest, you’ll meet a man whose gentle soul hides beneath an exterior of strength and a woman soft enough to see beneath the stony facade.