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Stories about heroes and heroines who resemble readers!

My heroes and heroines have flaws that make them believe they are outsiders, freaks, or otherwise unlovable. They encounter obstacles that test their deepest beliefs and they often doubt themselves. Just as in real life, they face choices that threaten to upend their lives as they search for their heart’s desire.


MacIan’s Gift

Release Date: October 18, 2021

First in the Tartan Thread series, MacIan’s Gift follows Jamie MacIan, a bard who believes in ghosts and family curses. Nothing else explains the loss of his clan years ago. When he sets out to restore his ancestral home, he finds more than the reputedly haunted tower. He finds a woman as beautiful and innocent as an angel and more trouble than he ever imagined. 

Sarah Clinton tries to be obedient and dutiful, but it’s hard when one finds oneself in Hell. Rather than wed her stepfather’s bastard son, she flees and hides in a ruined castle. Discovered by a Scotsman as gorgeous as sin, she can’t trust her savior with the truth. Her uncle, the Devil of the Highlands, destroyed his clan. Lying in his arms is heaven though, and she learns more about love than she ever thought possible. 

Can Jamie and Sarah learn from the past and trust in love, or will the sins of their ancestors destroy all hope of heaven on earth?

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A Matter of Manners

Available January 27, 2020

In A Matter of Manners, the first in the Shades of Sin  series, Jeremy Wyles is a seemingly straitlaced duke, twice widowed, who believes he’s sterile. In truth, he’s a sadist who believes no lady could ever love him.

Kathleen Brennan’s no lady. She’s an Irish rebel with secrets of her own. When Jeremy’s cousin weds her using Jeremy’s proxy and leaves her pregnant, she has no choice but to follow him to London.

Can Jeremy and Katy call a truce long enough to let love in, or will their secrets destroy their last chance at happiness?

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Warning! The Shades of Sin series contains explicit sexual content and may offend some readers. A Matter of Manners centers on a sadistic/masochistic relationship. 



Review Comments for A Matter of Manners

Tasty HOT SIN!
A great read with a flawless storyline…

Treasa – a Bookbub reviewer

If you love historical fiction, with romance, intrigue, and spice you MUST read this one. It was the perfect balance, well paced, and kept you turning pages…

Whitney – a Goodreads reviewer

I can’t express how much I enjoyed this story…

Editor at The Wild Rose Press

Fast paced and sexy. Seems like a new twist around each corner. Couldn’t put it down! If you like BDSM and mystery, this book is for you.…

Brittni – a Goodreads reviewer

Mystery, intrigue, and suspense all wrapped in a great love story…

Yolande– a Goodreads reviewer

The sex is off the charts in terms of heat. I am a big fan of BDSM romances, and this one certainly delivers. I am anxiously awaiting the next…

Wonderfullyweird88 – a Goodreads reviewer

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Australia Burns

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My story, Apple Crisp, is contained in Volume 2. An emotional story about a six year old, Apple Crisp shows how Sidney learns to deal with the recent loss of his mother and the temporary absence of his firefighter father.

All three volumes are available individually, as paperback, or through Amazon, as ebooks. Buy one or  all three!