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Sin, Sacrifice & Salvation

Sin Sacrifice and Salvation

Stories about people like us

My characters struggle. Although set in historical times, they fight the same battles we do. They sin, they sacrifice, and they hope for salvation. I hope you’ll laugh and cry as you read their journeys, and I hope you grow along with them. Rest assured, unlike in real life, my heroes and heroines always win and find love. 

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The Shades of Sin Series

Set in Pre-Regency London, this series explores the affects of societal and religious norms on how we live and love. 


Warning! The Shades of Sin series contains explicit sexual content and may offend some readers.

Shades of Sin Series
Malcolm's Rest

The Tartan Threads Series

A Scottish Highlanders series set in 1650s. This series revolves around a group of men who are bound together by ties that go beyond blood.